Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

“God brings ordinary people to do extraordinary things” – this statement was made by long-time LCS&Z friend and client, Chris Mullally, when he was asked why he was so passionate about his project to help starving children in Somalia.  To do that, Chris and his wife Jin started the Extraordinary Project in August of 2011.  Chris, the President and founder of Mohawk Trading Company, heard about the 600,000 children who were dying of starvation in Somalia and felt called to do something about it.  He realized his task was daunting, but he was determined to find some way to reach out to these children. 

Chris and his wife began putting together a non-profit that would collect donations and then send the money to reputable organizations that would disperse the aid to the children in Somalia.  The mission: One million people donating just $1 could raise at least $1 million in aid for Somali children.  Out of this vision the Extraordinary Project was born.  Since its inception in August 2011, Chris and his wife were able to launch the site and begin taking donations in February 2012.  The non-profit is fully funded by Chris, and all money donated (with the exception of certain online processing fees) goes directly to aid Somalia.  Chris stated that his favorite donations are those he received from families who have donated a dollar for each member.  He encourages people to make the Extraordinary Project their own and challenge others to do the same in their work places and communities.

Since its launch, the Extraordinary Project has raised over $58,000.  The project has received a lot of local attention in Albany, New York. Last October, the project was featured in a local story that was picked up by the International Rescue Committee , which had a special arrangement on World Food Day that would actually triple any donation given on that day. With that Chris pledged to give them $35,000 from what had so far been collected and that amount was then tripled and became a $105,000 donation, which helped more than 7000 children.  Chris is working hard and very hopeful that they will soon be able to catch national attention.

His enthusiasm for the project is evident when you speak to him about his motivation and hopes for the future of the project.  He is grateful for all the support he has received from various companies and organizations.  He credits support, like that from his long time friend Bill Zeronda and LCS&Z, aiding in the successful launch of the project.  Chris and Bill have been friends for over thirty years, and Bill has been a strong supporter of the project from the beginning.   

Chris believes that “God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things!”  He is humble and sees himself as one of those ordinary people.  His passion for this project and motivation to help starving children in Somali, however, makes him much more than ordinary.

To see how you can donate, please visit ExtraordinaryProject.com.  Help make extraordinary things happen!