Life at LCS&Z

104772212At LCS&Z, we are always looking for talented and dedicated individuals to join our team. We can offer employees a warm and friendly, yet challenging work environment. Take a look at the advantages a career at LCS&Z can offer you:

Career/Life Balance

Although we work hard, quality of life is a top priority at LCS&Z. We want our team members to enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding career, while still maintaining an active family and personal life.

Diverse projects, experience and clientele

LCS&Z offers professionals the ability to work with a diverse client base and gain a significant amount of experience in a variety of industries. With offices in Montgomery and Albany Counties, as well New York City, you will have the unique opportunity to develop small town relationships with your clients while also having access to big city experiences that will help you grow as a professional. As a member of Integra International, LCS&Z has full access to national and worldwide resources that enable our firm to compete with the larger firms in our local markets.

Direct interaction with partners and client executives

Our team’s experience, expertise and business acumen are some of our greatest assets—and we want you to learn from them! Our team members are involved in on-site client engagements and meet with clients face-to-face. Our partners maintain an open-door policy and are always available to answer questions and provide guidance.

Career advancement and support

LCS&Z is committed to the growth and advancement of its team members. We provide new professionals with leadership opportunities and responsibilities early on, allowing you quick access to career development. Additionally, we are actively involved with your training and development, and assist you with managing your continuing professional education (CPE). Plus, with our mentoring program, your peers will guide you in both your technical and soft skill development.

Financial Reward and Benefits

At LCS&Z, your hard work is appreciated and recognized. We have assembled a highly competitive compensation package to reward you for your efforts, commitment and expertise, which includes:

  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Short-term and long-term disability
  • Competitive salary, merit-based pay increases and performance bonuses
  • Incentives based on new business, CPA passage and employee referrals
  • 401(k) and profit-sharing contributions
  • Flexible spending accounts

To explore the opportunities available with LCS&Z, please visit our current openings.