Branden Elmendorf, MBA, CPA



“I strive to find ways to serve clients better and more efficiently. In doing this, I’ve learned that most of the time I don’t need to overcomplicate the problem – the simplest solution is often the best solution.”

With nearly ten years of experience in accounting, Branden joined the LCS&Z team in 2016 and currently serves clients in the firm’s tax department. In addition to the preparation and review of tax returns, Branden researches tax and other accounting issues for the firm’s complex projects, including a recent review of new tax forms to find ways to reduce the tax burden for multiple clients.

Growing up, Branden always had an affinity for math. As a result, he was drawn to accounting as a profession because it seemed like a natural fit for his ability and enjoyment of the work. Specifically, he focuses on tax issues because it allows him to serve clients in a broad assortment of industries including professional services, construction and real estate, and manufacturing. Branden enjoys working with a variety of clients because it provides him with an opportunity to learn about new businesses and industries.

Both in and out of the office, Branden is pragmatic and analytical – two traits he believes have been vital to his success. While he also focuses on detail, he finds looking at the bigger picture allows him to think smarter, not harder, and has helped him to find alternate solutions to guide his clients reach their goals.

Originally from Gloversville, Branden enjoys the Capital Region because it allows him to stay close to the Adirondack Mountains, as well as his family and friends who still live in the area. Branden likes to stay active and can often be found hiking, camping, running, and traveling in his free time. He currently resides in Albany with his dog, Cole.